Programmatic & RTB

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Programmatic & RTB

We operate our own and independent trading desk under the name ‘Point Blank’ and have run successful rtb campaigns in all sectors for more than 2 years. Our team has a strong local expertise and makes the difference in client service and continuous optimization.


Real-Time Bidding (RTB)

It is our objective to help clients increase reach, traffic and conversions through a relatively new way of selling and buying display advertising, called RTB. Real-Time Bidding (RTB) consists of an auction process where you bid on banner placements one impression at a time. This process allows you to reach numerous people in the blink of an eye.

Impression-by-impression buying allows you to identify the most valuable audiences and target these exclusively, by means of a large set of targeting capabilities, saving money and increasing ROI. The targeting capabilities are enormous: location, inventory, frequency capping, device, language, ATF, creative formats, time scheduling, second screen, whitelists, categories, contextual retargeting, semantic targeting, retargeting, etc.


RTB tracking

We aim for the best possible synergies between audience buying and retargeting, which means it depends on your type of business, seasonality, type of products the consumer might purchase, etc. If suited for your business, we can also set up Dynamic Creative Optimizing, which allows us to retarget a specific visitor with the product(s or similar products) that he has just seen. In that case, we set-up site tracking and connect it to your product feed with the right display rules.


RTB process

Yes, setting up and optimizing RTB campaigns requires expertise and resources, but we guide you through this complex eco-system of DSP’s, SSP’s, Ad exchanges, PMP’s, etc. We take the operational work out of your hands, while involving you in full transparency, allowing us to determine the right approach for you.

By giving your campaign all the attention it deserves, Point Blank is committed to attain your goals.