Performance Audits & Quick Scans

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QuickScans & Performance Audits

Once and a while, we all ask ourselves if our current activities in digital marketing are well organized. Do you have the feeling that things could be better than the results you are getting today?

Let us check it for you.

Goals & Operations

Evaluating the current activities, we share our knowledge in an objective way and with purposive advice. For most of our clients, a QuickScan has been the first step in our collaboration. Many marketers ask themselves if they are getting the most return out of their digital marketing efforts and budgets. At the same time, it is a big step to switch agencies or to outsource certain activities based on a commercial pitch.

A QuickScan is therefore a very appropriate way to get to know each other and to set expectations. We can deploy our knowledge to scrutinize the current activities, resulting in tangible and concrete advice. Where possible, we will even give you the expected impact on the ROI. While setting up the QuickScan, we get a better view of your activities and goals and how to optimize these.

Our QuickScans are without obligation, whereas our recommendations can be implemented by the client themselves or by their current partner. As we already had a look behind the scenes by setting up the QuickScan, we are well positioned to do it ourselves.

We do QuickScans in all digital performance channels, focusing on Affiliate Marketing, Search Marketing and Real-Time Bidding.


Affiliate Marketing Audit

In an Affiliate Marketing audit we make an overall picture of the current programs : which networks promote the ad programs and on which websites are those campaigns running, where can we generate extra leads and where could be a possible overlap between the different networks, how do we handle deduplication, and what is a right lead attribution towards the networks?

Besides networks and media, we also look at the campaign message and the graphic elements that are used. Are there any formats that aren’t being used?

Our findings will lead to a manual for setting up the ideal affiliate program.

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QuickScans in Search are possible for Optimization (SEO) and for Adwords campaigns (SEA).

SEO Quickscan

In an SEO QuickScan we analyze 8 important domains: data analysis and tools (e.g. setting up Google Analytics),domain names, technical optimization (URL structure, sitemaps,…), optimization of site structure (site architecture, usability, navigation,…), content (title structure, text, keywords, landing pages,…), external links, social marketing and online reputation management.

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SEA Quickscan

In an SEA QuickScan we look at the structure of the Adwords account, down to the last detail: campaigns, ad groups, keywords, bids.

Which types of campaigns and tools are being used, what is applied, and how can we get the best results? Think of product feeds and Shopping campaigns, Dynamic Search Ads, extensions, remarketing and all other aspects that search engines envelop.

Apart from campaign types, we also look at the different platforms and media that are being used: mobile, video & desktop. What is the budget allocation, and where do we see the best performance. What should be further segmented and how do we reach our target audience in the most efficient way?

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