In the spotlight: Socialize with Dieter

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In the spotlight: Socialize with Dieter

FairEtail-er since:

January 2017


Project Manager Social & Marketing Automation

What's your background?

Degree: Bachelor of Marketing and Postgraduate Digital Marketing & Communication
Work experience before FairEtail: 3 years’ experience as a social media specialist at Blue Bees.

After obtaining my bachelor of marketing, I chose to further increase my knowledge by pursuing a postgraduate degree in Digital Marketing & Communication. This eventually led me to my first experience with social media, and later, it helped me make the move to become a social media manager at a communications agency.


Why did you choose to work for FairEtail?

I immediately got the feeling that there was a lot of knowledge within this agency and a forward-thinking mindset. The steady increase in employees in a short time proved to me that FairEtail is doing really well. After some exploratory conversations, I quickly received feedback that they would like me to join their team. And today, I’m still very excited about my choice for FairEtail.


What's an average day in the life of a social media specialist? 

First of all, I monitor my ongoing campaigns and optimize them if necessary. Since we report on a weekly basis, I also spend a fair amount of time on reporting. The rest of my day is filled with meetings, finalizing proposals, preparing for future campaigns, exploring new features, and playing foosball on our Google-foosball Google-foosball table during my break smiley


How would you describe the atmosphere within FairEtail?

Very friendly. You are welcomed with open arms, and the atmosphere is really good. There is also a Fun Committee which is responsible for organizing after-work activities.


Where do you see FairEtail in 5 years?

I expect that, within five years, there will be substantial growth in employees and clients. More and more big brands are finding their way to FairEtail. I also expect significant growth in services, besides Programmatic Advertising and SEM, where FairEtail is already performing very well. And of course Social and Marketing Automation will, with my help, have increased in size and performance.   smiley


Sound interesting?

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