Snapchads for everyone!

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Snapchads for everyone!

The possibility to advertise on Snapchat directly, or via third-party tools based on their API, has been around for a while, but now you can also create ads yourself via a self-service ad manager. At FairEtail we have an official access to Snapchat, enabling us to create and launch campaigns immediately.


What can you do through the self-service ad manager?

Snap Ads are the most effective way to advertise. These are 10 second fullscreen video advertisements that are shown in between other Snaps. You can find them both at 'live' and 'discover' Snaps.

The user shows interaction when he swipes up. An interaction occurs when a user wants to see more information on a website, download an app, read an article, etc.

- You can create a geo filter that can be shown over Snaps. Filters allow you to appear when your product is purchased or consumed -- for instance, a filter of the supermarket chain where you are shopping at that moment.

Lenses can also be used. A Lens is an additional layer that can be placed over pictures/videos, based on face recognition. The famous rainbow coming out of the mouth is an example of such a Lens.

Reach your target audience

You can target your audience based on age, gender, location or interest. But, just like on Facebook, you can also use your database to reach clients and prospects.

Snapchat has a potential base of more than 2 million users in Belgium. That makes it clearly a powerful channel for getting in touch with youngsters.


What goals can be used?

Use Snapchat in order to:

·       Increase your brand awareness

·       Direct traffic to your website

·       Generate app downloads


Are you feeling motivated to start using Snapchat ads? Contact us to discuss how we can set up a well-targeted campaign on Snapchat for you!

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