Customer spotlight: Carousel

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Customer spotlight: Carousel

Because our customers are the engine of our existence, we like to put them - together with our colleagues - in the spotlight. Let's meet Carousel. 


How long have you worked together and within which marketing domains?

At the beginning of 2012, we started with a small Adwords campaign, then gradually extended and now you support us in in the fields of SEA, SEO, retargetingand YouTubeWe also get advice on adjustments to the design of our website, new banners, promotional movies, and more.

Why FairEtail?

The first meetings were very efficient. FairEtail was a small and hungry team that gave us the feeling that you really wanted to have us as a customer. In the ensuing years you have not disappointed us. We are becoming more and more attuned to one another and we’ve enjoyed working together for five years.

How is the cooperation going?

Very smoothly. We sit down around the table on a regular basis and we are always in touch to evaluate actions and developments permanently together. If issues arise - which of course is possible - the situation is always very well taken care of and resolved.


Are there areas of improvement that we can take on? 

Your knowledge of the gambling market might not be 100%, but we realize that we are a firm that works in a niche segment. Maybe we should go gambling together ;)


What are the strength(s) of FairEtail?

You control all aspects of online advertising, and this is exactly what we need.
The actions that we take with FairEtail deliver us a good ROI. The proof: several new campaigns and strategies.
In addition, there are regular proactive proposals to reach new goals.


How would you guys describe FairEtail?

A one stop shop for firms that are looking for online customers. A strong team that is attuned to the customer! 


Curious how we would handle your case?

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